Longview products

Our research products help investors manage and structure their portfolios according to specific investment horizons.

Longview Trading Recommendations

Market Timing Research helps clients finesse entry points into and out of risk positions. Decisions are based on our quantitative models and then enhanced by our global macro view.

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Longview Investment Recommendations

Longview Investment Recommendations including our Tactical Equity Asset Allocation Recommendation and our Quarterly Global Asset Allocation Recommendation. The recommendations are based on global macro economic trends, key global themes, relative valuation analysis, proprietary models and selected macro economic indicators. More details

Longview Macro Analysis

Thematic, Global Macro and Commodities Research gives our clients an in depth analysis of the key issues & themes facing the global economy.

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Tracking our performance

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Longview Economics track record

Want to know more about our track record in predicting market trends?

On setting up Longview Economics in 2003 our key aim was to help investors make better investment decisions. In order to be accountable to that aim we have published ongoing explicit recommendations and tracked those recommendations since late 2004. Some of the recent key calls on markets and key macro calls are shown in the attached timeline. A full performance table is available on request.

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