In order to form views on the global economy & financial markets we systematically track and analyse a variety of key indicators.  These indicators are a mix of proprietary models and carefully selected non-proprietary indicators. We regularly update and publish summaries of these indicators for our clients (see below). These summary publications include: i. ‘Traffic Light Indicators’ (compilation and analysis of major macroeconomic indicators for key economies); and ii. 'Medium-term market outlook' indicators (which help time equity market direction on a one to six month time frame); & iii) Various technical, positioning, sentiment and proprietary models for generating macro trade recommendations on a variety of timeframes.


‘Traffic Light Indicator' analysis: in which we give an overview of major economies via our key macro indicators which are grouped into categories and given  colour-coded scores (GREEN, AMBER or RED). Our analysis gives a succinct yet complete representaton of both the condition and outlook for key global economies. We produce these summaries for the US, China, Japan, the Euro zone, the UK & Australia and publish them on the first business day of each month.


Medium-term market outlook indicators: are monthly updates of 23 key market timing indicators (i.e. models which help inform a one to six month view on equity market direction). The publication cover five categories of indicators: i. risk appetite; ii. proprietary technical models; iii. sentiment; and iv. volatility; & v) bond spread analysis. "Various technical, positioning, sentiment and roprietary models which we use to generate macro trade ideas on a variety of timeframes."