Longview Letters look in depth at key long term themes which relate to the outlook for the global financial markets and the global economy. We publish eight to ten reports per year and in recent years we have examined The 100 year Kindleberger Cycle of Global Reserve Currency Status (including the theme of financialisation & ‘definancialisation’ of the US economy); Balance Sheet Recessions – and the question ‘has the West entered a balance sheet recession’; Commodity Super Cycle – Myth or Reality?; China – is it a Bubble?; Kondratieff Long Cycles and Global Asset Allocation; and The ‘Old’ or ‘New’ Normal.

Recent publications:



  • No. 110, 15th September 2017: "UK Household Savings: Symptomatic of structural economic weakness a.k.a. ‘Robbing Peter to pay Paul’   "
  • No. 109, 2nd June 2017: "The Origins of the Debt Super Cycle"
  • No. 108, 21st March 201716th January 2017: "When a Rising Power Challenges the Incumbent a.k.a. Trump’s) ‘Fronting up’ to China  "
  • No. 107, 23rd February 2017: "Trump, the Dollar, and the Navarro-Ross plan"
  • No. 106, 16th January 2017: "When a Rising Power Challenges the Incumbent a.k.a. (Trump’s) ‘Fronting up’ to China  "
  • No. 105, 24th November 2016: "Bond Yields: Are the Generational Lows In?"
  • No. 104, 16th September 2016: "Forecasting US Recessions: 'What Works - What Doesn't'
  • No. 103, 26th August 2016: "Reforming the International Monetary System"
  • No. 102, 20th May 2016: "The Productivity Puzzle"
  • No. 101, 8th April 2016: "The Fragile Bull"